Noise Unity plays music on the edge of electro, pop and house.

2019 - Preparing of „FIRST TIME” CD.

2016 - Release of „PARALLEL VOICES” CD. Noise unity is now: Ondřej Machaň - programming, midi, sampling.

2015 - Ivan Kopecký regrettably died of tumor disease.

2014 - single „Člověk je rodem tanečník“ on the Michael Horáček's lyrics.

2013 - single „LE PETIT PRINCE“ was chosen by the Municipal Library in Prague within the event Čtu příběh, slyším hudbu to be produced on a vinyl plate together with another 10 tracks of other compositors.

2011 - Material on a new CD „AT THE RIVER” arises during the year. This album is finished at the beginning of 2012. Noise unity performed as follows: Ondřej Machaň - programming, sampling, drums and Ivan Kopecký - lyrics, vocals.

2006 - cooperation with musician Ted Whang on the track „NEW WORLD“. Petr Lisac left the band.

2005 - cooperation with vocalist Soňa Tomečková on live performances, by the end of the year Ivan Kopecký became a regular member of the band (ex UNDERSIDE).

2004 - track “ALL‘S WELL THAT ENDS WELL“ - jingle of the Velká sedma Radio 1 show.


NU formed in 2003 as an independent project of two playmates Petr Lisac (bass) and Ondřej Machaň (drums).

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